About Us

Orchard “Go-Daddy” Nature Camp Safari is wholly owned by Digistar Corporation Bhd. Established since 1982, Digistar is a Public Listed Company in Malaysia stock exchange. Orchard “Go-Daddy” Nature Camp Safari is located within 120 acres plantation of The Orchard Resort, winner of multiple awards in year 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 in World Spa Awards for Malaysia’s Best Wellness Spa and Best Wellness Resort. If you are looking for a perfect spot for something rustic and more luxurious, Orchard “Go-Daddy” Nature Camp Safari is an ideal place for corporate event, team building, camping, gathering party, wedding, festival or individual seeking to enjoy and experience what nature has to offer. We have a wide range of accommodation to suit you and every package.

The Founder

Mejar (K) Datuk Wira Lee Wah Chong
Datuk Wira Lee Wah Chong, aged 57, Datuk Wira sits on the Board of Directors for numerous companies ranging from tourism to a public listed company, was appointed as the Managing Director of Digistar Group, a Bursa Malaysia Main Board Listed Company (www.digistar.com.my) on 18 August 2003.

Datuk Wira Lee Wah Chong has been sharing this passion with his wife, Dr Jong and together they developed a comprehensive wellness and medical resort, the first and the only one in Asia. Coming from the property development background, he masterminded the architecture of The Orchard Resort (www.orchardwellness.com), Orchard “Go-Daddy” Nature Safari Camp (www.orchardsafari.com), Imperial Heritage Melaka Hotel (www.imperialheritage.com.my), and Institute of technology National Malaysia Melaka (www.createjkr.gov.my). In addition to this, he also developed a security system solution Panther 911 (www.panther911.com) which was officiated by the Inspector General of Police.

Datin Wira Dr.SJ Jong-Lee
Datin Wira Dr.SJ Jong-Lee, MBBS, PhD is the founder and President of The Orchard Wellness & Health Resort.

She is also:

  • the owner of the Frontier International Group of companies providing healthcare solutions.
  • the owner of the Pollux Gentech, a GMP manufacturer in providing quality health supplements and personal care product.
  • the co-owner of the Tropical Fruits World & Researh Park, a BioNexus company awarded by the Minister of Science and Technology in research and development of potential medical solutions.
  • the partner of Genick Healthcare & Diagnostic.
  • the partner of Rigil International Group of Companies based in Switzerland developing anti-ageing medicines and compounds, and nutritional supplements.

Dr Jong has made significant contributions to research in cancer, HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer’s and Parkison’s diseases. She is well-versed in generic biotechnology, stem cell therapy, nanotechnology.

She often collaborates with her father, Dr. J.L. Jong, a noted heart surgeon who served as a Cardiologist in the United Nations. While working for the United Nations, Dr Jong has provided much needed medical care in several developing countries. Her research work has been published in numerous scientific and medical journals, and she is a sought-after speaker at the medical conferences in the U.S.A, Canada, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and India.